CMC for instant noodles and noodles

In the production of instant noodles and noodles: it can increase the toughness, cooking resistance and oil consumption of noodles

Application performance of food grade CMC:
CMC is widely used in the production of liquid beverages, acidic milk beverages, fruit juices, solid instant beverages, baking, ice cream, frozen pasta, condiments and other food production. It has good functions of thickening, stabilizing, emulsifying, suspending, dispersing and improving taste.
aIn beverage production:
In the production of acidic milk beverages, it has good acid resistance, high temperature resistance, and salt resistance stability, preventing protein precipitation and fat floating. In fruit juice, vegetable juice, and solid beverages, the pulp and fiber in the beverage system can be evenly suspended precipitation.
b In ice cream production:
Ensure the uniformity and stability of the mixed emulsion, improve the melting resistance of ice cream, prevent the formation of ice crystals, give a plump and beautiful shape, delicate and smooth taste, and even and lasting fragrance release.
c In the production of frozen pasta products:
Improve the mechanical strength of the dough, improve the water retention, make the appearance of the product smooth and beautiful, not crack, and prolong the shelf life.
d In the manufacture of bakery products:
Increase the volume of the fermented dough, the texture of the product is bulky, the honeycomb is even and delicate, the taste is soft, and a pleasant appearance is obtained.
e In the production of instant noodles and noodles:
It can increase the toughness, cooking resistance and oil consumption of noodles.
f In instant paste food:
In peanut paste, sesame paste, eight-treasure porridge and other paste foods, it has the characteristics of thickening, fast dissolving, fragrant and delicate.
g In the production of condiments:
It has good salt resistance, thickening stability, and makes the product appearance, color, aroma and taste more dense and lasting.
Food grade CMC application guide:
FH, GFH, FH6 series: viscosity 25-10000cps, used for neutral beverages, solid instant beverages, baking, ice cream, quick-frozen pasta, instant noodles, condiments, meat products, etc.
FH9, FVH9 series: viscosity 25-5000cps, used in acidic milk beverages, juices, ice creams, condiments, etc.
Food grade CMC complies with GB1886.232-2016, E466, FDA and other standards.