Petroleum grade CMC ,PAC

CMC and PAC are widely used in the field of oil drilling. They are mainly used as viscosifiers, rheology control agents and fluid loss reducers in drilling fluids. They have strong suspending ability, carry cuttings efficiently, protect well wall and prevent mud loss. , protect the drill bit, reduce the thickness of the mud cake and other functions; high slurry rate, good salinity resistance, strong antibacterial properties, suitable for fresh water, sea water, saturated brine and other mud; good thermal stability, well temperature above 150 ℃ Still can effectively reduce water loss.

Textile printing and dyeing grade CMC

CMC is widely used in the fields of textile, printing and dyeing, and can be used as a sizing agent for warp sizing of fabrics; a thickener for printing and dyeing pastes and pastes; a finishing agent for fabrics, which is more cost-effective than sodium alginate.

Battery Grade CMC

CMC is mainly used in the binder, thickener and suspending agent of battery anode slurry, which can disperse and stabilize non-hydrophilic materials such as graphite. It has strong adhesion; low metal content; excellent electrical conductivity, electrochemical stability and thermal stability.

Toothpaste Grade CMC

As a thickener, CMC is used in toothpaste to prevent the solid-liquid separation of toothpaste, so that the toothpaste has a certain viscosity and consistency, the paste is smooth and delicate, and the taste of toothpaste is improved.

Mining CMC

CMC is used as pellet binder and flotation inhibitor in mining industry. ore grade.

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