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Calcium carboxymethyl cellulose (CMCCa)

Calcium carboxymethyl cellulose is a white to pale yellow powder or fibrous powder. And it is a disintegrant with adhesive properties, has a rapid water swelling capacity. and is used as a thickening agent 、binder 、non-stick dispersant、dispersant in medicines and foods.
For food industry, like cocoa powder, instant coffee, and refreshing beverages solid and powdered foods, CMCCa are swollen in water to promote dispersion and rapid dissolution. For chocolate biscuits, added 0.5% to 3% CMCCa can improve the sense of taste, and make biscuits no easy to stick the teeth.
For pharmaceutical industry, CMCCa suitable for wet granulation and powder direct tableting, due to its good chelate structure, especially for cephalosporins with good dissolution improvenment. especially due to it calcium salt, it is particularly suitable for cardiovascular drugs that limit sodium salts. 
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