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Seasoning with CMC

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Food grade CMC application:
CMC is widely used in food production such as liquid beverages, acidic milk drinks, fruit juice, solid instant drinks, roasting, ice cream, instant noodles, condiments and other foods. It has good thickening, stabilization, emulsification, suspension, dispersing and improving taste.
a .in the beverage:
In the production of acid milk beverage, it has good acid resistance, high temperature resistance and salt stability, and prevents protein precipitation and lipid against floating. In fruit juice, vegetable juice and solid drinks, the pulp and fiber in the beverage system can be suspended and not precipitated evenly.
b. in the ice cream :
It can be ensure the uniform stability of the mixed emulsion, improve the anti melt property of the ice cream, prevent the ice crystal formation, the full and beautiful appearance, the fine and smooth taste, the smooth and lasting fragrance release.
c. in the production of frozen flour products:
Improve the mechanical strength of dough, improve water retention, make the appearance of the product smooth and beautiful, do not crack, and extend the shelf life
d in the bakery:
Improve the volume of fermented dough, loose tissue, honeycomb, fine texture, soft mouth and pleasing appearance.
e .in the instantnoodles、noodles:
It can increase the toughness, boiling resistance and save oil.
f. in fast food paste food:
It has the characteristics of thickening, dissolving quickly, skim and delicacy in peanut paste, sesame paste, eight treasure gruel and other paste foods.
g in the condiments:
It has good salt resistance, thickening and stability, and makes the appearance and color, aroma and taste of products more durable.
Food Grade CMC Application guidance:
FH、GFH、FH6 series: viscosity from 20 to 10000cps, mainly use for neural beverages, solid instant beverages, baking, ice cream, frozen pasta, instant noodles, consiments, meat products, etc.
FH9、FVH9 series: viscosity from 25 to 5000cps, mainly use for acidic milk beverages, juices, ice cream, condiments, etc.
Food grade CMC confirm GB1886.232-2016、E466、FDA standards.
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